Department Summary

Program Goal: To meet the diverse needs of gifted and talented students within an inclusive setting of the regular classroom, through cluster grouping and differentiated instruction. Lessons are academic creative extensions of district grade level curricula that are aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards.

Identification and Screening

Identification and screening for the A.C.E. Gifted Education Program is conducted annually through a teacher referral process and with individual student evaluations. Students are identified using a variety of objective and subjective instruments. A selection committee reviews all completed files and makes decisions on students whose skills and abilities will require services of the A.C.E. Gifted Education Department.

The following list includes all the information and evidence considered in making a placement in the program:

  1. Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test
  2. Report Card Grades
  3. Slocumb-Payne Teacher Perception Inventory
  4. MAP - Measures of Academic Progress


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