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Department Summary

The Special Education Department of Cicero School District 99 provides children with special needs programs that allow them to obtain benefits from the curriculum and make continuous progress toward District learning expectations and Illinois State Standards.

The overall goal of the Special Education Department is to meet the individual and unique needs of each student and provide for them strategies, accommodations, and educational opportunities to help them become problem solvers, decision-makers, independent productive citizens and lifelong learners.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides for a free and appropriate public education for all individuals with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 21. In order to meet the diverse educational needs of all of its students, the Special Education Department provides a continuum of instructional and support services that are considered when a child becomes eligible for special education services.

Students receive supportive instruction by a qualified special education teacher in collaboration with the student’s regular education teacher. Instructional sessions are provided either individually or in small groups in the regular education environment or in the resource room.

Special Education Services

Child Find

The State of Illinois makes each school district responsible for actively seeking out and identifying all children from birth through 21 within the district, including children not enrolled in the public schools, who may be eligible for special education and related services.

Cicero School District 99 being an elementary school district serving children from age 3 through age 15, recognizes this responsibility and provides a screening and evaluation program that assist in the identification of children suspected of having a disability that impacts educational performance.

If a child is suspected of having a disability, the child’s teacher and or/ school district personnel, a parent, an employee of a community service agency, another professional having knowledge of a child’s problem, a child, or an employee of the State Board of Education, may make a referral to the School District for screening or evaluation of the child’s suspected problem.

For Children birth to three years of age: Screening and evaluation for services are handled through Child and Family Connections #7 (708-449-0625) Please call for an appointment.

For Children ages 3-5: Screenings take place on a monthly basis as well as at the annual District-wide preschool screening held in the spring of each school year. For an appointment call the Early Childhood Center at 708-652-1144.

For School age children grades Kindergarten-8th grade. Contact the building principal or assistant principal to discuss your concerns. The Pupil Personnel Service Team will than discuss with the parent the steps they will take to determine if the child has a disability that impacts educational performance.

Vision and Hearing Screening: Annual Vision Screening is provided for the following groups for suspected vision impairments: special education students, preschool age, kindergarten, second grade, eighth grade, new and transfer students, or referred by school staff for suspected vision impairment. Annual Hearing screening is provided for these groups: preschool age, kindergarten, grades 1, 2, 3, special education students, new and transfer students, or referred by school staff for suspected hearing impairment.

Private and Home Schooled Students

For Children enrolled in non-public/parochial schools: Cicero District 99 meets each year to discuss with the administrators of local non-public/parochial schools the district referral procedures for students with suspected disabilities. Please contact the building administrator of the non-public/parochial school your child attends for information on referring your child for screening or evaluation.

If your child attends a non-public/parochial school outside of the boundaries of Cicero District 99 the school District that the non-public/parochial school is located in is responsible for evaluating and providing services for your child if they are eligible for special education services, contact your non-public/parochial school principal for information and procedures.


Related Services in the areas of Speech and Language Development, Social/ Emotional and Behavioral Development, Hearing, Vision and/or Physical Impairments are provided for children when the identified condition adversely impacts the child’s educational performance in the classroom. The student remains in the regular education classroom environment with assistance provided by related service personnel qualified to provide curriculum modifications and accommodations in the identified area of need.

Resource services are provided for students eligible for special education services for less than 60% of the student’s school day.

Instructional Classrooms are provided for students eligible for special education services 60% or more of their school day. A qualified special education teacher provides the general education curriculum with appropriate accommodations and modifications to meet the individual learning needs of the student.

Alternative education settings in State approved private day schools are available for student with unique educational needs that cannot be met in a public school setting.

Early Childhood Special Education is provided for children 3-6 years of age who exhibit a defined disability or a serious delay in their overall development.

Pre-School At-Risk is a program for children who need instructional intervention before entering kindergarten. This program provides a half-day instructional program for three and four-year-old children identified through the District’s preschool screening program as having a concern in one or more of the following developmental areas, language, motor, social or cognitive.


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Allison F. Cirone, Director of Special Education
Phone: (708) 863-4856
Fax: (708) 863-0134

Sergio Rodriguez, Assistant Director
Phone: (708) 863-4856


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