Message from the Superintendent

Another Successful School Year!
Supt. Rudy Hernandez

I would like to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year. This summer we have been analyzing and assessing our curriculum and assessments. Based on our findings, we are putting together professional development to meet the needs of our faculty and staff. I am excited to announce that we are ready to implement Full Day Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten teachers are excited to have the instructional time to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the skills that are the foundation to a solid education for a child.

We are also excited to announce that we are ready to start the implementation of the 1:1 initiative. We know that our faculty will use technology to enhance the instruction in the classroom, and provide our students with another tool to explore and research information. This tool also opens up other opportunities to connect our students to the world.

I am proud to inform you that our reading and math scores were higher than expected this year. Our students are making gains and closing the achievement gap faster than we had anticipated. This huge accomplishment, is due to your hard work and dedication. I can honestly say that we are very close to becoming a highly competitive district, and one of the best in the state. Thank you for everything you do, and for Igniting the Road to Excellence for every single one of our children.

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Contact Info

Rudy Hernandez
Email: rohernandez@cicd99.edu
Secretary, Maria Salinas
Email: msalinas@cicd99.edu
P: 708.863.4856 Ext. 123
F: 708.652.8105

Assistant Superintendent For Student Services,
Dr. Vikki Parkinson
Email: vparkinson@cicd99.edu
Secretary, Rosa Covarrubias
Email: rcovarrubias@cicd99.edu
P: 708.863.4856 ext. 160
F: 708.863.1502

Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services,
Joyce Hodan
Email: jhodan@cicd99.edu
Secretary, Lydia Herrera
Email: lherrera@cicd99.edu
P: 708.863.4856 ext. 122
F: 708.863.0021