Message from the Superintendent

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Contact Info

Rudy Hernandez
Email: rohernandez@cicd99.edu
Secretary, Maria Salinas
Email: msalinas@cicd99.edu
P: 708.863.4856 Ext. 123
F: 708.652.8105

Assistant Superintendent For Student Services,
Elisabeth Nealon
Email: enealon@cicd99.edu
Secretary, Rosa Covarrubias
Email: rcovarrubias@cicd99.edu
P: 708.863.4856 ext. 160
F: 708.863.1502

Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services,
Joyce Hodan
Email: jhodan@cicd99.edu
Secretary, Lydia Herrera
Email: lherrera@cicd99.edu
P: 708.863.4856 ext. 122
F: 708.863.0021

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources,
Anthony Grazzini
Email: agrazzini@cicd99.edu

Executive Director for Business Affairs,
Rita Tarullo
Email: rtarullo@cicd99.edu