If you have not signed up for Parent Teacher Conferences, please contact the school office at 708-652-6085. We can help you register for a time slot.


Here are some commonly asked questions by parents and answers from the office staff at Columbus East.

  • I want to visit during school hours. What do I need to bring with me? Anyone who enters our school must have a valid ID. This is for the safety of all our students and staff.

  • What are the new expectations for student uniforms? All students will be required to wear gray collared shirts. The shirts may either be short or long sleeve. Parents DO NOT need to purchase a shirt with the District 99 logo. Students will be allowed to wear white shirts through the month of September. More information regarding the uniform policy can be found at these links in English or Spanish.

  • What should I do if my student is going to be absent from school? Attendance at school is very important for student academic success. A student absence is considered excused with a parent note or phone call. Excused absences include illness, bereavement, court appearance, appointments, or religious holiday. A student absence is considered unexcused for any other reason. Only three (3) absences are excused each quarter. Any days beyond that are considered unexcused absences unless there is documentation of hospitalization or extended illness. If a student is absent for more than five days without a parent/guardian contacting the office, the Truancy Officer will be contacted and a home visit will occur. A student will be un-enrolled from Columbus East after ten consecutive days of absences. The parent will then be required to re-register the student.

  • What should I do if my student is going to be tardy to school? Student instruction begins at 8:40 AM. It is essential that students arrive at school on time. A student who is tardy is required to come to the main office and receive a pass to class. A student's tardy will be considered excused for a medical appointment or court appearance only.

  • How do I arrange a time to meet with teachers or administration? Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's education. If you would like to schedule a time to talk with teachers or administration, please contact the office to schedule an appointment or send an email to the

  • May my student bring a phone to school? Cell phones are permitted on the premises, but they must be turned off and inside a back pack located in the locker during school hours.

Important Documents

Parent Involvement Opportunities: Columbus East is looking for parents to be a part of the School Improvement Team. This collaborative group of teachers, parents, and administrators work together to identify areas of school improvement in order to address student achievement needs, monitor the plan, and revise as needed. Parental perspective is an important part of this team. Meetings take place once a month. If you are interested in joining the School Improvement Team (SIP), please contact Ms. Heppner.