About District 99

Igniting the Road to Excellence!

District 99 Mission

"Together, we will partner with the community to ensure a rigorous, whole-child learning experience, accessible to all students"


District Logo

Cicero School District 99 Logo

The District 99 identity is represented by our official logo. Great care has gone into the development of our identity and these guidelines with the goal of promoting and protecting our brand. Each component of the District 99 identity works together with all others to ensure a consistent look and feel in our communications materials.

The Elements: TORCH, PENCIL

The Colors: BLUE, GOLD

The Pencil

➢Creativity: We are always learning new ways to enlighten our students. As for the students, they are inspired by the instructor’s creativity, and in turn create masterpieces.

➢Relevance: Adapting to the cultural evolution of our community and designing the class based on the relative culture.

➢Community: The pencil is a universal tool that must be used by the community. We must see that the community is involved in our education.

The Torch

➢Symbolizes Perseverance and Strength

➢Symbolizes Intelligence and Willpower; those who carry the torch must light the path to the future

➢Symbolizes Social Responsibility, in which all of us who carry the torch must be able to preserve the flame and enlighten all of those around us

The vision of the new logo was conceived by Superintendent Rudy Hernandez

The logo was designed by Horacio Acevedo and Cristina Leaños

Copyright and Trademark of Cicero District 99 along with its alternate

Use of any prior logo is unacceptable


District 99 is composed of 16 schools and range from Prekindergarten to 8th grade.


District 99 Serves Cicero residents in an area of approximately 6 square miles:
North boundary is Roosevelt Road; South boundary is Pershing Road;
East boundary is Cicero Avenue; West boundary in Lombard Avenue

Other Facilities

Administration Building, 5110 West 24th Street, Cicero, IL; Transportation Center, 1942 South Laramie Avenue, Cicero, IL; Service Center, 5835 West Roosevelt Road, Cicero, IL


722 Teachers

Student Population

13,304 Students
93% Low-Income Students
53% English Learners
11% Students with Disabilities
15% Mobility
95.8% Attendance Rate
Average Class Size: 22.7


Instructional Expenditures Per Pupil: $5,195
Operational Expenditures Per Pupil: $9,506
Approximately 22.3% revenue from
local property taxes and other local funding.


Full-time: 1,276
Part-time: 429

District Motto

Igniting the Road to Excellence

District 99 Attendance Map