Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS)

Department Summary

Cicero Public Schools follows a protocol of Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) to aide students academically and behaviorally. Evidence suggests that students’ academic and behavioral success is promoted when schools and districts adopt a multi-tiered approach to teaching and learning.

Core Principles

The following guiding principles, developed by consensus of the Cicero District 99 MTSS Committee, provide a foundation for the MTSS process within our District. They are offered as a starting point for schools implementing a multi-tiered system of student supports to improve achievement for all students.

Core Principle One

All students have the ability to learn and make progress towards academic and social-emotional standards given the right supports. Students’ needs are met to access the core curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

Core Principle Two

District 99 ensures a robust Universal Tier 1 through differentiated academic instruction, evidence-based curriculum, with social-emotional and behavioral supports available to all students.

Core Principle Three

District 99 MTSS implements a balanced assessment system provided to ALL students. This allows for effective data based decisions, interventions aligned with evidence-based practices, which are implemented with fidelity and a fluid based decision making process that takes into consideration the language, cultural, and socioeconomic diversity of our students.

Core Principle Four

District 99 provides ongoing professional development driven by the PLC to address all aspects of instruction to ensure student progress and success. Professional development will define the clear expectations for MTSS procedures within the district.

Core Principle Five

All stakeholders of the District 99 community utilize the PLC process to support students holistically through instruction, assessment, and analysis of results and implementation of supports based on what students need in order to support student strengths across the learning environment to achieve consistent student growth as we ignite the road to excellence and success.


Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture and needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional and academic success. Attention is focused on creating and sustaining universal-school wide, classroom, and individual systems of support that improve social emotional results. PBS promotes a positive culture for all students by rewarding appropriate behaviors and re-teaching expected behaviors. It also includes: proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments. Students that need further supports are placed into Tier 2/3 interventions that focus on targeted behavioral or social emotional skills they may need to be successful both at home and in school.


HERO encourages positive student behavior choices. When students demonstrate HERO behaviors, they may earn points toward exciting incentives!

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MTSS: We educate the whole child!