Multi-Tiered System Of Supports (MTSS)

The MTSS process is a general education initiative focused on early intervention and prevention process with the goal being to reduce academic and behavioral gaps in achievement by intervening before the gap becomes too great to close during core instruction.

Program and Department Overview

The Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) Department is an integrated, multi-tiered system of instruction, assessment and intervention designed to meet the achievement and behavioral needs of all students in Cicero District 99. 

The MTSS Department creates a structure for the delivery of high-quality instruction for all students, and, when needed, provides additional supports and interventions varying in intensity.

The department operates off of an instructional delivery model where data are used to monitor students' response to instruction and interventions to ensure student success, in the areas of academic, behavioral/social-emotional and attendance. 


HERO encourages positive student behavior choices. When students demonstrate HERO behaviors, they may earn points toward exciting incentives!

Improving Student Behavior, Transforming School Culture


Core Principles

The available evidence suggests that students' academic and behavioral success is promoted when schools and districts adopt a multi-tiered approach to teaching and learning. The following Guiding Principles, developed by a consensus of the Cicero District 99 MTSS Committee, provides a foundation for the MTSS process within District 99. These principles are offered as a starting point for schools implementing a multi-tiered system of student supports to improve achievement for all students.

1. Give students the ability to learn and make progress towards academic and social/emotional standards given the right supports. Students' needs are met to access the core curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

2. Ensure a robust Universal Tier 1 through differentiated academic instruction, evidence-based curriculum, with social/emotional and behavioral supports available to all students.

3. Implement a balanced assessment system provided to all students. Allow for effective data based decisions, interventions aligned with evidence-based practices, which are implemented with fidelity and a fluid based decision making process which considers the language, cultural and socioeconomic diversity of students.

4. Provide ongoing professional development drive by the PLC process to address all aspects of instruction to ensure student progress and success. Professional development will define the clear expectations for procedures within the district.

5. Utilize the PLC process to support students holistically through instruction, assessment and analysis of results and implementation of supports based on what students need in order to support student strengths across the learning environment to achieve consistent student growth as we move forward together towards success.

Tier Descriptions


Positive Behavior Supports

PBS is a school wide system for creating proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting student behaviors. It allows for a continuum of positive behavioral support for all students in the classroom and non-classroom settings. Compromising of a range of systematic, individualized and research based practices and interventions for achieving social and academic goals while preventing problem behaviors. Utilizing a proactive systems approach for establishing and maintaining safe and efficient learning environment.




State of IL On Mental Health

Effective January 1, 2022, students in the State of Illinois are allowed up to five (5) mental health days per year. 

Once a mental health day is used, your child's school will follow up with your child by providing check-ins and other supports. 

Mental health days should not be used to avoid school work, situations or school tasks. Parents can reach out to their child's school for a variety of mental health supports for their children.

Strategies For Parents/Caregivers

As a parent or caregiver, you want the best for your children or other dependents. You may be concerned or have questions about certain behaviors your child is exhibiting and how you can help them.

It is important to be aware of warning signs. You can play a critical role in knowing when your child may need help.


National Suicide Prevention Line 1-800-273-8255

CARES Line For Medicaid (800) 345-9049

24-Hour Pillars Crisis Number (708) 745-5277

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"Behavior and academics are two sides of the same coin. We need to better understand how the two are connected."

"We Educate The Whole Child"