The District shall provide free transportation for any student in the District who resides: (1) at a distance of one and one-half miles or more from his or her assigned school, unless the Board of Education has certified to the Illinois State Board of Education that adequate public transportation is available, or (2) within one and one-half miles from his or her assigned school where walking to school or to a pick up point or bus stop would constitute a serious hazard due to vehicular traffic or rail crossing, and adequate public transportation is not available.

Bus schedules and routes shall be determined by the Transportation Director and shall be altered only with the transportation Director's approval and direction. The pick-up and discharge points will be as safe and convenient for students as possible when routes are revised. No school employee may transport students in school or private vehicles.

Contact Info

Michael Wolff, Director of Transportation
Phone: 708.863.8926

Sonia Abad, Transportation Safety Manager