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Message from the Superintendent

Dear Cicero Students, Families, and Staff,

The Mission and Vision of Cicero District 99, as supported by the D99 Board of Education, is to transform the district into a 21st century learning environment. We are confident that by providing students and staff with the latest technological resources, we can achieve this goal together.

We are committed to providing our students with multiple learning opportunities that will enhance their skills and knowledge and will effectively prepare them for an ever-changing work-force. New and innovative programs that will propel our students forward and foster critical thinking skills include initiatives such as STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Music), Full-Day Kindergarten, 1:1 access to technology, and Dual Language programs. Working together, we will continually strive to Ignite the Road to Excellence! We believe- “Good is Not Good Enough”! This is the foundation of our district.

Contact Info

Rudy Hernandez
Secretary, Maria Salinas
P: 708.863.4856 Ext. 68002
F: 708.652.8105

Assistant Superintendent For Student Services
Elisabeth Nealon
Secretary, Rosa Covarrubias
P: 708.863.4856 ext. 68021
F: 708.863.1502

Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services
Joyce Hodan
Secretary, Lydia Herrera
P: 708.863.4856 ext. 68011
F: 708.863.0021

Executive Director of Human Resources,
Rita Tarullo

Executive Director of Curriculum, Maria Burgos