Sustaining A Better Cicero

Cicero District 99 believes in improving the quality of our lives, protecting our ecosystem, and preserving natural resources for future generations.


To help reduce energy usage and create a healthy habitat for all, Cicero District 99 has invested in green roofs on top of our buildings. They cool off our roofs and provide shade, thermal mass and insulation. Green roofs also provide new urban habitat for plants and animals, increasing biodiversity. Lasting twice as long as conventional roofs!



We also invested in LED Highbays in our gymnasiums with advanced lighting controls on each light which drastically declined our light usage! In addition to lowering energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint, this upgrade gave us far superior quality of light output and ultimately leading to a safer and more illuminated surfaces for our students.




We have also chosen to cut down on plastic and choose reusable products by installing water bottle filling stations across all of our buildings that provide great tasting water for our students and staff! This also encourages people to opt for reusable bottles on the go!