Ms. Donata A. Heppner
Email: dheppner@cicd99.edu

Assistant Principal: Mr. Christopher J. VanderKuyl
E - mail: cvanderkuyl@cicd99.edu

Office number : 708-652-6085

Fax: 708-780-4446

About Your School: Columbus School opened in 1911 with thirteen classrooms. Since then, the structure of Columbus East has changed in many ways. For the 2017-18 school year, Columbus East will provide educational opportunities to neighborhood students in grades 3 - 6. The Colts are always stampeeding toward success.

Mission / Vision : Columbus East will support and motivate students in developing a love of learning that will help them to develop the tools needed to become resourceful individuals.

We will strive to prepare our students to become critical thinkers through differentiated instruction while maintaining a well-balanced curriculum.

As part of the community, Columbus East is a committed participant of ensuring that a positive environment for our students exists.