Drexel Administrators


Dr. Luis Illa

Email: lilla@cicd99.edu

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Eugenia Panousis

Email: epanousis@cicd99.edu

Office Number: 708-652-5532

About Your School: Drexel School


Mission: The purpose of Drexel School is to create a positive, collaborative, and safe learning community where all students' needs are met to cultivate critical thinkers.

Vision: Collaboration will occur among teachers, parents, and students. A love for learning will be evident in the school environment.

Values: Teachers value a learning environment by supporting and collaborating regularly in a positive and constructive manner. Teachers create a positive and safe learning environment that ensures the students' social, emotional, and academic growth.

Goals: Students, teachers, and parents feel valued and are happy to be here. Students collaborate and take ownership for their learning; student achievements increase, and hard work and accomplishments are celebrated.

Drexel Staff Collective Commitments:

  1. We are committed to consistency and accountability for each student's success utilizing “Best Practices” and data-driven decision making process.
  2. We are committed to a guaranteed (consistent) and viable (doable) instruction by utilizing “Best Practices” in education.
  3. We are committed to quality communication and positive relationships with all stakeholders regarding student progress.
  4. We are committed to high expectations for learning, behavior and citizenship by providing a positive, safe, trusting, and collaborative environment.