Drexel Administrators


Dr. Luis Illa

Email: lilla@cicd99.edu

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Eugenia Panousis

Email: epanousis@cicd99.edu

Office Number: 708-652-5532

About Your School: Drexel School


Mission: The purpose of Drexel School is to create a positive, collaborative, and safe learning community where all students' needs are met to cultivate critical thinkers.

Vision: Collaboration will occur among teachers, parents, and students. A love for learning will be evident in the school environment.

Values: Teachers value a learning environment by supporting and collaborating regularly in a positive and constructive manner. Teachers create a positive and safe learning environment that ensures the students' social, emotional, and academic growth.

Goals: Students, teachers, and parents feel valued and are happy to be here. Students collaborate and take ownership for their learning; student achievements increase, and hard work and accomplishments are celebrated.