Checkmate! Chess anyone?
Checkmate! Chess anyone?

Those are words often heard at Drexel school during the weekly chess club meetings. Over forty 5th and 6th grade students participate in the Drexel Chess Club! The Chess Club meets on Thursday mornings before school and is led by 5th grade teachers - Mrs. Jasinski and Mr. Hoag. Chess club members at Drexel learn the basics of how to play chess. Students then practice those skills and learn strategies to advance their play. After much practice, students compete against each other in a bracket-style tournament to see who will com out on top!

Why play chess? Well, there are many benefits of playing chess. Learning chess enhances problem solving abilities such as:

  • critical thinking
  • abstract reasoning
  • pattern recognition
  • strategic planning
  • verbal skills
  • logic and efficiency
  • analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills

Drexel is thrilled to host such an enthusiastic bunch of chess scholars in the making!