Fun in the sun
Fun in the sun
Luis Illa, Principal

Ms. Madas

Students in Ms. Madas's fifth-grade class took advantage of the great weather to practice math outside. They practiced double digit multiplication using chalk on the blacktop. The students also practiced two different strategies — the array method and the American Algorithm method. Everybody enjoyed the new math version of "Fun in the Sun."

Student Carlos said, "We were doing long multiplication and I partnered up with my friend, Daniel. He helped me because I wasn't sure where to start."

Daniel helped Carlos by teaching him the American Algorithm strategy. Once they both understood the math, they gave each other more difficult problems to work on. They both agreed it was super hot and they got really sweaty.

Student Melanie said, "I learned about multiplication and I enjoyed the sun."

Student Yaretzi said, "I practice multiplication and check answers with my friends. Most of them answered correctly and we all said it was really hot outside."