Student Clubs

Permission slips will be across from the office. Talk to your child and they will pick up the permission slip for you to sign. 

Clubs include BASS, Book Club, Choir, Drama, Gardening, Lego, NJAW, Robotics, Service Learning, STEAM, Student Council, Yearbook and Yoga


Please remember that all Kindergarten and 6th grade students need physicals.

6th grade will need a completed new school physical with updated immunizations (including Tdap and Meningococcal vaccines) along with a completed dental exam.

Kindergarteners will need a completed new school physical with updated immunizations, a lead screening with results, a completed dental exam, and a completed vision exam report.

Cell Phone Policy 

Students are asked to follow these rules so that they do not lose this privilege.

When students arrive to school, cell phones must be turned off and stored in their backpack. Phones will remain off until students exit the building.

If students choose to use their cell phone during the school day, their phone will be turned into the office and a parent will need to come to school to receive it.