New Employee Resources


District 99 Teacher Benefits

  1. New teacher minimum salary: $50,030
  2. 12 sick days
  3. 3 personal leave days
  4. Tuition reimbursement
  5. $30,000 Board of Education paid life insurance policy
  6. Low-cost health and dental insurance
  7. Current and effective professional development opportunities that help to increase knowledge base, instructional base and curriculum dissemination
  8. Two-year mentor program for all new teachers
  9. Warm, caring and friendly atmosphere

Employee Contracts

Salary and Benefits


Phone: (708) 863-4856
Fax: (708) 652-2679

Howard Coleman                     

Director Of Human Resources

Retiring, Hiring, Internships, Evaluation, Mentoring/Interventions/Supports for Administrators, Union Issues, Harassment

Marybeth King                            

Director Of Human Resources 

Hiring, New Teacher Orientation, Internships, Evaluation, Mentoring, Student Teaching Placement/Observations, Perform, Certification, Interventions/Supports for Teachers/Program Assistants, Harassment

Lauren Novack                          

Assistant Director Of Human Resources

Hiring/Interventions/Supports for Non-Certified Staff, Harassment, Startup Health/Dental Insurance/All Other Benefits, Insurance Deductions, Leaves, Harassment

Denise Carpenter                  


Onboarding for new Certified staff, Employment verifications, Lane Changes, Loan Forgiveness Paperwork, Personnel Files, Retirement Queue, Seniority Lists, Salary Notices, State license renewals, vacancy posting, EIS Employment reporting, EIS Salary Reporting, and Applitrack Administrator.

Tina Cruz                                  

HR Benefits Specialist

Employee Incident Report for all employees, Non-certified hiring paperwork, Questions regarding benefits once enrolled (Health/Dental,etc.), Processing lunch staff hiring, criminal background checks, and workers compensation.

Tina Monaco                            

HR Attendance Specialist

Absence management, substitute acquisition and new hire paperwork for substitute teachers. Employee Attendance Records. Send paperwork regarding bereavement days and jury duty. 

Michelle Morales                    


Observations at school buildings for college coursework, Receptionist Relief, Student Records