EARTHQUAKE CHALLENGE! Students in Mrs. Brown's second grade class at Liberty designed different structures to model buildings and test out their strength and stability in a mock earthquake.

Students responded to their designs after the experiment: "I discovered if you keep shaking it with not a lot of movement the building only moves a little and does a little damage, but if you shake it and stomp hard like an Earthquake it will fall down. The earthquake needs to have a lot of force to make a lot of damage."--Ivan Leonides

I stomped my feet but then I had to jump super hard to see what happened. I didn't see no difference between jumping and stomping my feet next to my building. I think I did a good job making my base strong enough." --Leilani Ramirez


I discovered that the Play Dough really supported the corners of the base of my building. Also that Jenga was a good choice because it is made out of strong wood. The last thing I discovered was that choosing the right material makes a difference. "--Ilyana Alba