5Essentials Survey
This year Liberty Elementary School is participating in the 5Essentials Survey. This survey takes a look at how a school is incorporating and functioning at the building level when it comes to effective leadership, collaborative teachers, involved families, supportive environment, and ambitious instruction. Please take a moment and complete the survey following the link below.

Effective Leaders: Many studies have shown that school leaders have a positive and significant, albeit indirect, relationship with student achievement. This relationship works through other organizational conditions including the school environment or culture, as well as through teacher professional community.

Collaborative Teachers: Researchers have found an association between schools with higher levels of collaboration among teachers who feel collectively responsible for all students in the school and significantly higher achievement.E In studies using data from Massachusetts and a large Midwestern urban district, researchers discovered an association between teachers working closely together to share ideas and resources across classrooms and student learning.

Involved Families: Strong family and community involvement is significantly and positively related to student achievement. One study found a significant relationship between school family partnership programs emphasizing teacher and parent collaboration and frequent communication between teachers and parents and academic achievement of students. A different study found that in schools with higher levels of trust between teachers and families, student achievement in math and reading was higher.

Supportive Environment: Researchers posit that students learn best in schools that are safe, orderly, and supportive. For example, in schools where staff have high expectations for student learning and drive students to achieve at their greatest potential, researchers have found a positive relationship with student learning gains.

Ambitious Instruction: Several researchers have found a significant relationship between students exposed to clear, coherent, and high quality instruction and higher learning outcomes.

Special Events
Throughout the school year, we have several special events at Liberty. Some of these include:
-Grade level musical shows
-Holiday celebrations (fall, winter, Valentine's Day)
-Liberty Lollapalooza (Spring 2018)
-Family Math/Reading Nights (planned by Grade Levels)
-Student Awards ceremonies
-Open House (September 20th)
-Parent Teacher Conference Night (November 7th)
-Grade level Movie Nights (TBD)
-Grade level themed dances (Halloween Monster Mash--October 30th. Open to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade ONLY)
-Polar Express (December 19th; A fun-filled experience for all students enrolled in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. there will be hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies, plus some movie entertainment)

...and many more

Coffee with the Principals
Thank you to all the parents that came to our first Coffee with the Principals for 2017-2018. Topics covered were Chromebooks, HERO (part of PBS), and Powerschool. All Liberty parents are welcome to attend monthly Coffee with the Principals activities. Coffee with the Principals is a chance for parents to enjoy snacks and coffee, meet with building administration, and participate in a variety of topics and activities. In the past, we have had a variety of topics including: reading, math, helping your child read and complete homework, technology for students and parents, seasonal celebrations, and more.

See our list of Coffee with the Principals below. Fliers will be sent home as the event gets closer. We hope to see you there!

Monday, October 10th--Abe Tovar presents Powerschool, HERO, and Chromebooks
Monday, November 27th--An Evening with Dr. Ferney Ramirez
Monday, December 11th--Coffee Talk with Mrs. Zamarripa
Monday, January 22nd--Mr. Fernando Ruiz & Mr. Ismael Vargas present: Student Safety & Well-being
Monday, February 12th--TBA
Monday, March 12th--TBA
Monday, April 9th--TBA
Wednesday, May 23rd--TBA

Latino Family Literacy Project
This program has begun and we're looking for more participants! The group meets on Tuesday's from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. for 10 weeks. All books covered in the session are bilingual and parents will take them home for a week to read with their child(ren). Childcare will be provided for children 4 - 12 years of age in order for the parent(s) to focus completely on the session. Mrs. Bertha Vasquez (ESL Resource teacher) & Mrs. Maggie Escofe (Parent Lead) will be the instructors. See future dates below.

URGENT!--The Latino Family Literacy Project is in desperate need of more parents. Without the numbers to fill the needed spots of parent attendance (at least 10 parents), we will not be able to continue this important and worthwhile experience. Please consider attending. You may call the office at 708.780.4475 for more information!
Tuesday, October 17th
Tuesday, October 24th
Tuesday, November 14th
Tuesday, November 21st
Tuesday, November 28th
Tuesday, December 5th
Tuesday, December 12th
Tuesday, December 19th

Parent Involvement Committee
Liberty School has a variety of ways that parents can get involved. One way is by joining our Parent Involvement Committee. Our parent group works side by side with teachers at Liberty to plan and provide input on programs at our school. In the past, the Parent Involvement Committee has supported activities such as: Classroom guest readers, Children's Day celebration, "Come for Breakfast, Stay for Class", as well as assisting with our school improvement goals and helping raise funds that benefit our students. We are in the process of updating our calendar for meeting times/dates.

Parent Patrol
The Liberty Parent Patrol group works with our school and community members to ensure a safe entry and exit for our students and families. Parent Patrol is always looking for additional volunteers. Please visit the Liberty office to complete an application to serve on Parent Patrol. You will find some new friends and perhaps connect with some old ones!

Veterans Day Assembly
Shout out to all Veterans! Liberty is hosting a Veterans Day Assembly on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 9:00am in the gymnasium. Liberty School is asking for any veterans to contact the main office if you would like to be a part of the celebration that morning. A flier will be sent home as the date approaches. More details concerning that morning will be announced shortly. We are very thankful for all of what our veterans have done.

Información Para Padres


ENTRADA: (8:30 AM)


Los estudiantes se forman en el patio en la línea asignada para su clase. El personal encargado de la supervisión guiará a los estudiantes dentro del edificio por la Puerta #5 (Pre kínder, Kínder & 1er grado), Puerta # 2 (2º & 3er grado) y en las puertas de la cafetería #1 (5º & 6º grado) a las 8:30 a.m. Al llegar, los estudiantes recibirán su desayuno y se dirigirán a sus salones, tiempo en el cual el maestro(a) le permitirá la entrada a su salón. Las puertas permanecerán abiertas hasta las 8:40 a.m.


Los estudiantes de Pre Kínder del turno de la tarde entran/se forman frente a la Puerta #3 (Puerta Principal) a las 12:20 PM, donde su maestra los guiara a su salón. LOS ESTUDIANTES DE PRE KINDER QUE NO ESTEN EN SU SALON A LAS 12:30 p.m. SE CONSIDERA QUE LLEGAN TARDE.


El desayuno es GRATIS para todos los estudiantes.


SALIDA: (2:50 p.m.)

Por favor sea puntual cuando venga a recoger a sus hijo/a. Los alumnos de Pre-Kínder del turno matutino salen a las 11:05 a.m. Los estudiantes del turno de la tarde de Pre-Kínder hasta el de 6º grado salen a las 2:50 p.m. Los estudiantes de Pre Kínder salen por la puerta # 4. Los estudiantes de Kínder hasta 6º grado saldrán al patio de recreo a través de la puerta asignada. Por favor deje espacio suficiente para que salgan los estudiantes. Los estudiantes de Kínder a 3er grado deberán esperar formados en línea para que los recojan. Los estudiantes de 4º a 6º grado son enviados por sus maestros desde la línea de formación. Una vez que se ha autorizado la salida, los estudiantes y los padres deberán salir del patio de recreo por la puerta localizada al sur. Los estudiantes que no hayan sido recogidos a las 3:00 PM serán enviados a la entrada principal de la escuela. Los estudiantes de kínder a 3er se les dará salida solamente cuando vengan por ellos en persona. No se dará salida a ningún estudiante cuando esperen por ellos en el carro o cuando tengan que cruzar la calle sin supervisión. Los estudiantes que caminen a casa sin compañía necesitan enviar una notificación por escrito a la oficina de la escuela.

Codigo de Uniforme


Se requiere que todos los estudiantes del Distrito #99 cumplan con un código de uniforme. Los estudiantes deberán usar camisa (playera) gris con cuello, que deberá estar fajada dentro del pantalón o falda azul marino (NO PANTALON DEPORTIVO). Se permite el uso de sudaderas color azul marino, blanco o gris (NO SUDADERAS CON GORRO). Los zapatos pueden ser escolares o tenis con agujetasdel mismo color del zapato y atadosde manera tradicional. Cualquier infracción al Código del uniforme requerido dará lugar a la implementación del procedimiento disciplinario.



El almuerzo es GRATIS para todos los estudiantes.



Los estudiantes no podrán faltar a clases más del 5% del año escolar. Las ausencias frecuentes tienen un impacto negativo en el desarrollo de sus hijos, así como su rendimiento en la escuela. Si su hijo/a tiene ausencias frecuentes, podría ser inelegible para recibir los servicios de apoyo o suspender dichos servicios. Los padres necesitan notificar a la escuela de cualquier ausencia al número (708)780-2299.

Al finalizar el año escolar, los estudiantes con asistencia perfecta (Sin ausencias, salidas temprano o llegadas tarde) serán elegibles para recibir un premio especial de Asistencia Perfecta.

Identificacion Estudiantil Escolar


A cada estudiante se le entrega una tarjeta de identificación (ID) con fotografía junto con un protector plástico y un cordón. Los estudiantes deberán usar su identificación diariamente. Si pierden sus identificaciones, cordones o protectores plásticos, éstos deberán ser reemplazados.

Los precios de reemplazos son:

  • ID- $6.00
  • Cordón- $3.00
  • Protector plástico- $1.00



Tarjetas de Emergencia – Es obligatorio que las tarjetas de emergencia tengan la dirección y los números de teléfonos actualizados.Si cambian de domicilio o si obtienen un nuevo número de teléfono por favor notifíqueloa la oficina. Informe a la escuela si el estudiante tiene alguna alergia, toma algún medicamento, si tiene asma, usa (inhaladores) o cualquier otra condición médica.

Patrulla De Padres


La Patrulla de padres de Warren Park es un grupo de padres que ofrecen su tiempo para ayudar con la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes. Ellos son padres de familia y deben ser tratados con el debido respeto.Ellos no son guardias de cruce; por lo tanto, los padres no deben de dejar a sus hijos esperando que la Patrulla de Padres les ayude a cruzar la calle con seguridad.Es su responsabilidad como padre el asegurar que sus hijos lleguen a salvo a la escuela.



Las barricadas de las calles se colocanantes y después de la escuela para la seguridad de sus hijos. Por favor respeten las barricadasy NOlas muevan para pasar con sus vehículos,no deben manejar alrededor de las barricadas o sobre la banqueta. Los niños caminan y cruzan la calle a esa hora, por esa razón, usted debe ser consciente con la velocidad.

Las mascotas están prohibidas dentro de la propiedad de la escuela. Por favor absténganse de traer a sus mascotas cuando vengan a dejar o recoger a sus hijos. Incluso la más amistosa de las mascotas puede ser peligrosa cuando se asusta o se alarma.



Por favor no se estacionen enfrente del edificio (ZONA DE AUTOBUSES). Los autobuses del distrito deben estar disponibles para recoger y llevar a los estudiantes.

Comunicacion Con los Padres


Notificaciones – Las notas o anuncios serán enviados a la casa los jueves. Los estudiantes de Pre kínder a 2º grado tendrán una Carpeta (folder) de tareas para enviar las notificaciones a casa. Asegúrese de firmar en la parte de atrás de la carpeta (folder) para indicar que recibieron la información.

Calendario Escolar Mensual: El calendario mensual escolar será enviado a casa al inicio de cada mes para recordarles los eventos escolares y las fechas más importantes.

Boletín Mensual: Al principio de cada mes, cada maestro/a enviara un boletín de noticias destacando los temas a cubrir, los recordatorios, así como las actividades/eventos próximos relativos a la clase.

Días de enfoque en la Educación- Cada trimestre, los maestros invitarán a los padres para visitar las clases con el propósito de explorar el plan de estudios con sus hijos y ampliar su comprensión y aprendizaje.



Las tareas que se asignan a los estudiantes son un medio para practicar sus habilidades académicas en el hogar con el propósito de extender su aprendizaje o practicar la aplicación de conceptos aprendidos en el salón. La tarea será asignada diariamente y la cantidad de tiempo empleado para completar la tarea variará según el nivel de grado. Se requiere que los estudiantes completen cualquier tarea o asignaciones de la clase que les falten debido a una ausencia.



Por favor dedique un tiempo en la mañana para verificar el clima. Asegúrense de vestir a sus hijos adecuadamente.

Los estudiantes se mantienen dentro del edificio solo si la temperatura baja a menos de 30 grados.



Los estudiantes pueden traer un teléfono celular a la escuela; Sin embargo, al entrar en el edificio, los teléfonos celulares tendrán que ser apagados, colocados en la mochila y guardados en un armario. Al salir del edificio, los teléfonos celulares pueden sacarse de las mochilas y ser encendidos. Cualquier estudiante que se encuentre en posesión de un teléfono celular mientras esté en el edificio, se le confiscará el teléfono inmediatamente y se requerirá que un padre pase a la escuela para recogerlo.

Parent Information


ARRIVAL: (8:30 AM)


Students line up by their class line on the playground. The supervising staff member will escort them into the building through Door #5 (PreK, Kinder & 1st Grade), Door #2 (2nd & 3rd Grades) and cafeteria doors #1 (5th & 6th Grades) at 8:30 AM. Upon entering the students will receive their breakfast then proceed to their classrooms at which time their teacher will allow them to enter the classroom. The doors will remain open until 8:40 A.M. STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT ENTERED THESE DOORS BY 8:45 A.M. WILL THEN NEED TO ENTER THROUGH DOOR #3 (MAIN ENTRANCE) AND WILL NOT ABLE TO RECEIVE BREAKFAST. STUDENTS ENTERING THE BUILDING AFTER 8:45 A.M. ARE CONSIDERED TO BE TARDY.

Afternoon Prekindergarten students arrive/line up in front of Door #3 (Main Entrance) at 12:20 PM where their teacher will escort them to the classroom. STUDENTS WHO ARE NOT IN THEIR CLASSROOM BY 12:30 PM ARE CONSIDERED TARDY.


Breakfast is FREE to all students.



Please be prompt when picking up your children. Morning Prekindergarten students are dismissed at 11:05 A.M. Afternoon Prekindergarten thru 6th Grade students are dismissed at 2:50 PM. Prekindergarten will be dismissed at Door #4 . Students in kindergarten thru 6th grade are dismissed onto the playground through their assigned door. Please allow space for students to exit. Kindergarten- 3rd grade students wait in their class line to be picked up. Students in grades 4th -6th are dismissed by their teachers from their classroom line. Upon dismissal from their class line students and parents should exit the playground at the south gate. Students who are not picked up by 3:00 PM will have to be retrieved at the main entrance of the school. Our Kindergarten-3rd grade students will only be dismissed when picked up in person. Students will not be dismissed to a car or allowed to cross the street without supervision. Written notification is needed for students to walk home unescorted.

Dress Code


District #99 students are required to follow a Dress Code. Students are to wear a solid gray collared shirt, which is to be tucked into their navy blue pants or skirt (NO SWEAT PANTS). Students are permitted to wear a solid gray, navy or white sweatshirt (NO HOODED SWEATSHIRTS). Shoes must be solid black, gray, white or brown or a combination of these colors. Shoes can be slip-on or gym shoes with solid laces laced in traditional manner. Failure to follow the required Dress Code will result in the implementation of disciplinary procedures



Lunch is FREE to all students.



Students should not miss more than 5% of the school year. Frequent absences can have a negative impact on your child’s academic and behavioral performance. If your child has frequent absences, they could be ineligible for support services as well as retained. Parents need to notify the school of any student absences (708)780-2299.

At the end of the school year, students with Perfect Attendance (no absences, early dismissals or tardies) will be eligible for a special Perfect Attendance Reward.

Student ID's


Each student is issued a picture identification card (ID) along with a lanyard and plastic holder. Students are expected to wear their IDs daily.Missing IDs, lanyards or plastic holders will need to be replaced.

Replacement costs are listed below:

  • ID- $6.00
  • Lanyard- $3.00
  • Plastic Holder- $1.00



Emergency Cards– It is mandatory that these cards have current addresses and phone numbers at all times.If you move or get a new phone number please contact the office. Notify the school of student allergies, medication being taken, asthma (inhalers) or any medical concerns you may have.

Parent Patrol


The Warren Parent Patrol is a group of parents who volunteer their time to assist with the safety of our students. They are parents and should be treated with the respect due to a parent. They are not crossing guards; therefore, parents should not be dropping their children off with the expectation that the Parent Patrol will safely cross them. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child arrives safely at school.



The street barricades are put up before and after school for the safety of your children. Please be respectful of them and DO NOT move them for the passing of your vehicle, nor should you drive around them onto the sidewalk. Also, children are walking and crossing the street at these times, so be mindful of your speed.

Pets are prohibited in or on school property. Please refrain from bringing your pets to drop off/pick up your children. Even the friendliest of pets can be harmful when startled or alarmed.



Do not park in BUS ZONE. The district school buses need to be able to pick up and drop off students.

Parent Communication


Notifications - Most important school notes or flyers will be sent home each Thursday. Our Prekindergarten- 2nd grade students will have a Homework Folder for their notifications to be sent home. Be sure to sign the back of the folder indicating you received the information.

School Monthly Calendar: At the beginning of each month a school calendar will be sent home identifying important dates and school events.

Monthly Newsletter: At the beginning of each month every classroom teacher will send home a newsletter highlighting the topics being covered, classroom reminders as well as upcoming activities/events relevant to their class.

Spotlight on Education Days- Each quarter teachers will invite parents to visit their classrooms so that they can explore the curriculum with their child and extend their understanding and learning.



Students are assigned homework as a means to practice their academic skills at home for the purpose of extending their learning or providing practice in applying concepts introduced in the classroom.Homework will be given daily and the amount of time spent for completing the homework will vary according to grade level. Students are expected to make up any missing classroom and/or homework assignments due to an absence.



Please take the time in the morning and check the weather. Be sure to dress your children appropriately.

Students are only let/kept in if the temperature falls below 30 degrees.



Students are allowed to bring a cell phone to school; however, upon entering the building cell phones will need to be shut off, placed in a backpack and then put into a locker. Upon dismissal from the building, cell phones can be retrieved from backpacks and turned on. Any student found to be in possession of a cell phone while in the building will have their cell phone immediately confiscated and a parent will be required to pick it up.