Lincoln Staff Directory


Principal - Ms. Gretchen Gorgal:

Assistant Principal - Ms. Betty Paz:

Dean of Students - Ms. Nancie Miller:

Special Education Case Manager - Ms. Jean

Office Staff

Secretary - Ms. Elizabeth Alba:

Clerk - Ms. Yuliana Lopez-Cintron:

Clerk - Ms. Carol Dukes:

Early Childhood/Pre-Kindergarten

Christina Saenz:

Victoria Kolodziejski:


Michelle Martinez:

Jennifer Wilder-Gawat:

Erica Wolf:

Sandra Magiera:

Jessica Shaffer:

Jennifer Cerceo:

1st Grade

Kristina Moreno:

Kristy Caligiuri:

Megan Rocks:

Maggie Chmiel:

Jose Cuadra:

Megan Byrne:

2nd Grade

Kaitlin Kinahan:

Kathy Villies:

Ann Marie Koss:

Nicole Arguelles:

Alyssa Neal:

Susan Clark:

Christine Lojewski:

3rd Grade

Jillian Loizzo:

Erin Schneider:

Maria Valero:

Ashley Sullivan:

Sabrina Taraszka:

Cyndi Covelli:

4th Grade

Christina Rodriguez:

Carole Scardina:

Megan Thompson:

Kristina Oskvarek:

Ryan Pellizzari:

Erin Scott:

5th Grade

Amanda Haynes:

Jane Boyer:

Felicity Leversidge:

Veronika Madas:

Claire Turner:

Deanna Dawson:

6th Grade

Amanda Ballestra:

Gina Fazzini:

Olivia Birazzi:

Araselly Gutierrez:

Julie Huff:

Courtney Engler:

Rachel Taggart:


Augustin Coronado: - PE

Nicole Gamez: - PE

Kate Pohl-Nudd: - Music

Matt Hart: - Music

Merry Beth Seward: - Media

Sue Scott: - Art

Laura Lapinskas: - Art

Michael Bott: - Computers/Digital Literacy

Support Services

Marylin Morales: - ESL Lead

Adriana Dineen: - ESL

Joe Militello: - ESL

Erin Weil: - School Psychologist

Maureen Faydash: - Social Worker

Chris Stone: - Social Worker

Rita Perri: - Special Education Resource

Amanda Beckman: - Speech Language Pathologist

Lauren Kucinski: - Speech Language Pathologist

Renata - Speech Language Pathologist

Amanda Lederer: - Speech Language Pathologist

Julienne Gasperec: - School Nurse

Mary Pat Brewer: - School Nurse

Cheryl McCulloch: - Physical Therapist

Teresa Dini: - Occupational Therapist

Sunshine Chavez: - Occupational Therapist


Philena Pugh:

Jennifer Klein:

Angela Santoro:

Liam VanZant:



This school year, our grade level teachers will be participating in Peer Collaboration Cycles for Mathematics. Together, they will be analyzing priority standards for their grade level and the standards of mathematical practice as they plan a lesson for a group of students from our district math curriculum.

The teachers will identify the development of students’ understanding, the connection to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, how they will support students’ exploration, data collection and more.

As a team, they will observe students’ thinking and learning while one team member teaches a lesson. After the lesson, the teachers will reflect on the experience by discussing what was observed, evidence they have and steps needed to enhance future learning experiences for our students.

Thank you to our Math Coach - Nicole Heinzl, our District Math Coach - Carrie Skelton and our District Director of Mathematics and Accelerated Pathways - Mary Mycyk for their help and guidance!

District 99 Region 2: Lincoln, Drexel, Roosevelt, Cicero East & Columbus East Professional Development

A huge shout-out to District 99 Region 2 administrators for providing all of our teachers with an awesome afternoon full of wonderful professional development on Wednesday, September 20, 2017! It was so nice to see so many teachers, math coaches, and administrators in one place learning together and collaborating around proficiency scales, math, science and social studies. #lincoln #drexel #roosevelt #columbuseast #ciceroeast

Professional DEVELOPMENT

Achieve 3000: Thursday, January 18th

Michael Campbell from Achieve 3000 will be providing our 3rd grade - 6th grade teachers with a refresher training and information on how to use Achieve 3000 with their students and how to incorporate it into the instructional program.

Achieve 3000 is an online differentiated instruction program that engages all learners at their individual reading levels and constantly challenges them to improve their literacy skills.

Imagine Learning: Tuesday, January 23rd

Gabe Dobson from Imagine Learning will be providing our Kindergarten - 2nd grade teachers with a refresher training and information on how to use Imagine Learning with their students and how to incorporate it into the instructional program.

Imagine Learning programs were designed to tap into students’ innate curiosity, creativity, and desire for exploration. Every lesson, every activity, and every game makes students want to keep going—resulting in the kind of learning that lasts a lifetime. Within the programs of Imagine Learning, each student enters an individualized learning path that helps them grow through productive struggle without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.