Re-Opening 2021

UPDATE: Currently, we are not receiving two-week rolling averages from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and instead are using our internal self-reporting process to determine positivity rates which can be found on our dashboard. If the positivity rates were to reach the 6% level, we would activate the chart below.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 28, new COVID-19 mitigations in Cicero District 99 include:

🚫 No mandatory testing for unvaccinated individuals

🚫 No quarantining of close contacts

🚫 No contact tracing

These protocols have been made in collaboration with District administrators, the Board of Education and Cicero Council teachers union.

The District will continue to require quarantine for all students and staff who test positive for COVID-19.

In addition, beginning March 2, the District plans on moving to a MASK OPTIONAL policy for students, staff and visitors. Masking is recommended; however, it is still optional.

Mask optional status will only be permitted should the Town of Cicero's two-week rolling positivity rate remain below 6%. The District will monitor case numbers in Cicero through maintaining communication between the Town of Cicero and Cicero Health Department.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

Return to In-Person Learning

NEW: Only Individuals Who Test Positive For COVID-19 are required to quarantine for five (5) days

Please continue to monitor your child's health at home. If your child has any noticeable COVID-19 symptoms, get them tested if needed. Children who are not sick and not showing COVID-19 symptoms, or previously considered a close contact, no longer need to quarantine.

Quarantine Chart

If a student or staff member tested positive or first had symptoms on the following date: The new return to school/work date is the following:
Wednesday, 5/18 Tuesday, 5/24
Thursday, 5/19 Wednesday, 5/25
Friday, 5/20 Thursday, 5/26
Saturday, 5/21 Friday, 5/27
Sunday, 5/22

Tuesday, 5/31

(No school Monday, 5/30)


  **The date above is if a person is fever free for 24 hours and symptoms have improved.


Temperature Checks No Longer Required. 

In accordance with updated CDC guidelines, beginning Oct. 18, District 99 students and staff will no longer be required to have their temperature taken at our buildings prior to entry. 

However, now that the weather is changing and the cold and flu season is upon us, it is imperative that families monitor their children daily for COVID-19 or other illness. If your child is displaying any symptoms (sore throat, cough, congestion, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, fatigue, new loss of taste or smell, etc.), please keep your child home until they are symptom-free for at least 48 hours.

In order to continue keeping our schools and community safe, we must do our part to self-monitor for symptoms and continue to adhere to best practices for health and hygiene, including mask wearing, frequent hand washing, social distancing and vaccination (if eligible).


Saliva COVID Testing


Shield Testing FAQs

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Correct and Universal Wearing of Masks

Daily Sanitizing and Disinfecting of Schools


Vaccine Opportunities

COVID-19 Testing 

Please contact your school for FREE screening testing and point-of-care testing. 

Contact Tracing 


Coordinating with State and Local Health Officials