D99's Very Own


Every month we proudly award employees who are alumni of Cicero School District 99. Their contribution back to the community helps our students ignite the road to excellence.

Past Winners

Elizabeth Alba

Secretary at Sherlock

Dawn Benvenuto

Clerk for the Data and Assessment department

Nancy Brown

2nd grade teacher at Liberty

Angela Caravetta

2nd grade teacher at Burnham

Denise Carpenter

Secretary for the Human Resources department

Dorene Cherry

Accounts Payable Manager for the department of Business Affairs

Noemi Cieslewicz

5th grade teacher at Goodwin

Angelica Estrada

6th grade Language Arts teacher at Columbus East

Jorge Garza

8th grade Transitional Social Studies teacher at Unity

Anthony Grazzini

Director of PLC, Special Projects, and Grants

Marybeth King

Director of Human Resources

Nicole LaRocco

STEAM teacher at Sherlock

Laura Licea

Social Worker at Liberty

Deisy Mena

Physical Education and Health teacher at Unity

Ray Mikolajewski

Head Custodian at the Administration Building

Kimberly Montoya

1st grade Transitional teacher at Burnham

Kristina Moreno

Assistant Principal at Lincoln

David Nunez

Technology I Specialist for the Information Services department

Jennifer O'Connor

Assistant Principal at Warren Park

Jorge Pina

2nd grade co-teacher at Warren Park

Anel Sanchez

6th grade Social Studies teacher at Warren Park

Evelyn Sanchez

3rd grade Transitional teacher at Sherlock

Viviana Sifuentes

Secretary at Unity

Arlen Villeda

5th grade co-teacher at Columbus East

Carol Yurkovic

7th grade Social Studies teacher at Unity


Executive Director

Mary Mycyk                                                          mmycyk@cicd99.edu


Cory Kalyvas                                                          ckalyvas@cicd99.edu


Thomas Eukovich                                                teukovich@cicd99.edu

Jacqueline Pisano                                              jpisano@cicd99.edu

Future Nominations

Any District 99 employee, parent, student or Cicero community member can nominate a District 99 Employee for D99's Very Own Award.

Nominee qualifications include:

- Current employee in District 99
- Attended District 99 or Cicero High Schools
- Exemplifies the District’s vision of           “Igniting the Road to Excellence”
- Exhibits a positive attitude and kindness
- Demonstrates teamwork at all times

Click HERE if you would like to nominate someone to receive D99's Very Own.