Chromebook Info

The primary method for accessing any tech troubleshooting will remain a remote support session. 

PLEASE NOTE: Remote Support CANNOT be reached using a teacher Chromebook.

If you are in need of Chromebook troubleshooting support, please access remote support using your PROMETHEAN panel. 

Support agents will be able to assist with Chromebook issues through the session on your panel. 

Remote support from the teacher Chromebook will be available in the near future and will be communicated outwards when it becomes available. 

In the event that a remote session is unavailable, you can call our NEW Tech Support Hotline at

(708) 982-4100

Support agents will walk you through basic troubleshooting steps and will create a support ticket if the issue cannot be resolved.

We are hoping that this hotline provides an additional layer of tech support.

Hours for tech support are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Please keep in mind that whenever you contact tech support (via hotline or remote session) you should allow for a 5-10 minute window to communicate with the support agent.

Old Dell Latitudes

If you still have your Dell Latitude, please hold on to it into the next school year. We will provide more instructions on the collection of these devices in August. You are still responsible for the device until it is returned to the District. 

If you've signed up for the Dell Buyback program and have not received admin rights to your Buyback Device, please remote in from your Dell Latitude BELOW. Please complete the fields and click the D99 Remote Support button. A file will be downloaded when clicked; make sure to launch that file. 

If you missed the sign-up for the Dell buyback program, the buyback Form will be re-shared in the near future and you can opt-in at that time. If you were not issued a Dell Latitude and wish to participate in the buyback program, there may be an opportunity to sign-up depending on the availability and status of the remaining devices. Communication around this opportunity will be made after the Dell Latitude collection is complete and the devices are processed and tested. 


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Many teachers received their NEW teacher Chromebook device before the end of the 2020-2021 school year and have been discovering the awesome benefits of this device upgrade for teachers

Chromebooks are 100% synced with Google accounts making the following services available on the cloud, updated 24/7

1.  Google Workspace for Education (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.)

2. Bookmarks, Favorites, Settings and Customizations are synced to your Google account

Long battery life (10 hours)

Upgraded processor and upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity

Touchscreen availability and convertible-capable

Simple tech troubleshooting and swap-out potential 

Restart, remove profiles, reset settings or swap out for a new device. All you settings will be automatically available on your new swap-out device — simply log in to download your settings and files from the cloud! No backup or transferring of files or settings needed.

We're also trying to be responsive to requests, based on your feedback, we are excited to offer the following NEW cool tech resources for all

Access to Jamboard for teacher and students

Access to Google sites

Access to Blogger

Access to Lumio (cloud-based SMART Notebook), which brings a host of benefits to existing and new SMART users. 

Training tutorial 

The Instructional Technology team has put together a Teacher Chromebook Training Tutorial —  check it out

If you have not received your new Teacher Chromebook, please be on the lookout for additional communication that will be sent closer to the start of the school year.



We have been collecting frequently asked questions and documenting our responses to those FAQs regarding the new Teacher Chromebooks. Use the link below to see the current FAQs

2020-21 New Teacher Chromebooks FAQs


Student Support Procedures

With students returning to school for in-person learning this fall, the District will resume our pre COVID-19, building centered procedures for student Chromebook tech support and trouble shooting for all in-person learners. 

In the event that some students are learning remotely, we also have a process to provide tech support to those students too.

View our updated documentation here

Building Walkthroughs and Classroom Tech Checks

As part of our summer work, the Information Services and Technology team has been performing building walkthroughs and classroom "tech checks" to make sure all our devices and resources are updated and working properly before school starts.

Classroom Chargers

The District will be providing six Chromebook chargers for each homeroom in all schools. This will help minimize the loss of instructional time due to uncharged devices and will help our students adjust to the return to in-person learning. Please note — these chargers are intended to stay in the classrooms. If students need to replace their chargers for home use, they should purchase a new charger from the school office.

Promethean panels 

Every Promethean panel is being checked for functionality and updates. This check also includes verification of a working mouse and keyboard in every classroom. Every Promethean panel is being updated to receive SMART Notebook 21 and all Windows updates to ensure smooth functionality. 

Network and Infrastructure Upgrades

Every network switch is being replaced in all D99 schools and buildings this summer. Additionally, every network access point has been upgraded this summer. These upgrades are significant and will ensure the best and fastest network and internet connectivity throughout all our schools and facilities.