Parent Resources

General Information

School Hours

8:00 AM - 2:10 PM

Breakfast is served from 7:20 AM to 7:50 AM.

Students who ride the bus arrive at Unity at 7:20 and have the choice to eat breakfast in the Cafetorium or sit in the Commons until the first bell rings at 7:50 AM.
Students that walk may enter the cafetorium to eat breakfast at 7:20 AM or they may remain outside in front until 7:50 AM.

Students are considered tardy at 8:06 AM.

Student ID's

Temporary ID costs $5.00
Replacement ID costs $10.00
ID Lanyard costs $2.00
ID Plastic costs $1.00

School Office Hours

7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Attendance Line
Please call this number for absences, early dismissals, and anticipated tardies.
Unity East - 708-863-8829
Unity West - 708-863-8268

After School Clubs
2:10 - 3:10 PM

After School Sports

Games typically begin at 4:00 PM

Late Bus

All students who qualify for transportation services will also be provided transportation opportunities if they decide to stay to participate in after school events, activities, and clubs. Students who stay after school will be dismissed from Unity at approximately 3:30 PM. These students will be dropped off at the closest Cicero Public School they live near.

Chromebook Information

Morton STEM Program

Important Documents

Coffee Talks

School Resources

Attendance/Health Information

Unity East Nurse -

Unity East Attendance Line:

Unity West Nurse:

Unity West Attendance Line:

To report an absence or tardy

  • Call the number above on the day of your child's absence/tardy.
  • Leave your child's name, grade and the reason for their absence/tardy.
  • Please do not call the main office line.

PE Uniform Information

Physical Education Uniform Orders

We are now accepting orders for PE uniforms for the 2016-2017 school year. Please complete the form below and submit it with cash to the Unity East or West offices.

Meet the Counselors

Meet The School Counselors!


Kristin Heydorn Sara Monner

Unity West- Room 428

Unity East- Room 119

Our goal is to support student achievement academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally. We provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. Most importantly, we are advocates for students.

Counseling Services:

  • Assist with the new student enrollment process
  • Address academic and social concerns with staff, students and parents
  • Provide students with conflict resolution. This includes our Peer Mediation program
  • Classroom presentations on learning styles and transitioning to high school/preparing for MAP
  • Coordinate the Student Ambassador program
  • Educate students and parents on scholarship and high school opportunities
  • Coordinate “College Week” in March
  • Restorative Justice practices- Facilitate Peace Circles
  • Provide families with referrals for outside resources
  • PBI (Positive Behavioral Intervention)- This includes Check-In/Check-Out
  • Coordinate college and career related field trip experiences
  • Facilitate Junior Achievement Groups- These groups are college and career oriented and focus on preparing students for their post-secondary goals. Students will be referred to the group by their counselor.
  • Facilitate intervention groups:
  • Think First: Students will be referred to this group by the Discipline Team. The goal of this 3-week long group is to learn better decision making skills, improve self-awareness, and become more responsible.
  • Attendance- Students who struggle with attendance will be referred to this 3-week long group. The goal of the group is to address time management skills, set goals, and to determine what factor is keeping the child from attending school.
  • Executive Functioning- Students who are failing academically may be asked to attend Executive Functioning. EF will take place during the child’s lunch period. The goal of EF is to become more organized, learn EF skills, and complete missing assignments.

Referral System:

If you would like your child to see a counselor for social, emotional or academic reasons, please fill out the counseling referral form below. You may print it and turn it into the main office or directly fill out the form online. If you chose to complete the form online, the answers will automatically be submitted to your child’s counselor. In addition, if you would like to speak to your child’s counselor at any time, please feel free to call or email. Referral forms are also available in both the east and west main office. Thank you.

Parent Referral Form:

*Students: If you would like to self-refer yourself to see a counselor, please pick up a student referral form in the main office or in your counselor’s office. Thank you!

It is a great time to start planning for your child’s future!

Here are some realistic ways your 7th and 8th grade children

can start preparing for college!

· Colleges look for a well-rounded student! That means, it’s time to start joining clubs, playing on sports teams, and volunteering in your community!

· Attendance, attendance, attendance! It is so important to be in school (and on-time) every single day!

· GPA. What does GPA stand for? The answer is: Grade Point Average. Make sure to keep your grades up and ask for help when you need it!

·Research! It’s never too early to start searching for colleges and researching what the admission requirements are.

· Schedule a time to meet with your counselor! Your counselor can sit down and discuss college and career goals with you.