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T-Mobile EmpowerED 2.0 IgnitED 99 Launch

What is district 99's ignited 99 program all about?


Cicero District 99 has pledged to ensure all students have equal opportunities in the classroom to progress academically through utilizing fully supported and updated technology. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the District kick-started this concept through its one-to-one Chromebook program. 

To further this concept and provide the opportunity to extend the learning experience beyond the walls of the classroom, the District is launching the IgnitEd 99 program. 

IgnitED 99 is the result of a $2.6 million technology award from T-Mobile, providing unlimited 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots for more than 12,000 students. This initiative holds great potential to improve academic achievement for our students by providing internet access at home for students to access District enrichment resources. 





The T-Mobile EmpowerED 2.0 program hotspot is a small, portable device which allows students to connect to the internet with their district-issued Chromebook in order to access digital resources and enrichment platforms to support learning anywhere.


who is eligible to receive a hotspot?

Just like District 99’s Chromebook student loan process, the hotspot program is open to all students currently enrolled in a District 99 school.

when will students receive hotspots?

Parents/guardians who register can expect to receive a hotspot and Chromebook bag this fall. 

will this cost anything?

No! This program is provided to students at no cost.

where can i learn more about hotspots?

For more information, or if you need hands-on assistance, stop by one of the District’s parent forums to receive more detailed information.

Informational Sessions

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is this hotspot safe for children to use?

Absolutely! As with all district-issued technology devices, safety is at the forefront. Though nothing replaces strong parental presence and monitoring, all internet traffic is monitored by the same internet filtering used for students while at school. Students are expected to remember digital citizenship best practices to stay safe while using the internet at home. 

how's this program going to help my child in school?


Access to the internet, via hotspots, provides for extended learning through district resources and enrichment platforms. Students can continue their learning anywhere — at any time!

Children will have access to a myriad of District 99 learning platforms and resources, such as:

Enrichment Platforms

Achieve3000 (ELA)
Imagine Learning (ELA and Math)
IXL (Math)


More information on ENRICHMENT PLATFORMS

District 99 offers a variety of online programs to enrich learning for all students.  The variety of online tools are intended for different purposes within the school day and at home.  Starting October 1, 2019, students will have the opportunity to take home a T-Mobile Hotspot. This feature will allow teachers to assign online programs as homework.

Product Name Students Intended Use

Imagine Language and Literacy

"With Imagine Language & Literacy, every child receives explicit, targeted instruction within an individualized learning path that continually adjusts to their needs."

All K-3rd Grade Students
  • Used during Reading Workshop as a center
  • Assigned during power half hour
  • Assigned as homework practice

Imagine Español 

"Biliteracy opens doors of opportunity for sutdents- Imagine Espanol's varied activities help students develop in the four domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing."

All K- 2nd Grade Transitional, NC, Dual Language Students
  • Used during Reading Workshop as a center
  • Assigned during power half hour
  • Assigned as homework practice

Imagine Math

"Growth in Math is achieved by meeting students 'with a completely personalized learning pathway to meet their specific needs so all students can access and master grade-level standards."

All K-8 Grade Students
  • Used during core math instruction with students completing District created pathways that align with curriculum content
  • Used during power half hour with students completing self-paced grade level pathway

Achieve 3000

"Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve 3000®'s proven and patented method of online differentiated instruction engages all learners at their individual reading levels and constantly challenges them to improve their learning skills 

All 3-8 Grade Students
  • 3rd-6th graders use during Reading Workshop as a center or independent reading time, Science and/or SS (twice a week)
  • 3rd-6th graders use during power half hour
  • 7th-8th graders must use during Music/Art (twice a week pending length of week)
  • 7th-8th graders can optionally use this during ELA, SS, and Science
  • 7th-8th graders are assigned this as homework

Splash Math

"Grade-level apps provide activities and games to introduce and deepen the understanding of Math vocabulary and concepts through independent learning."

All K-5 Grade Students
  • Specific content assigned in correlation to core instruction
  • Used during power half hour, students completing recommended lessons
  • Assigned as homework
  • Goal is that all students complete entire curriculum map for grade level by June 2020

IXL (Math Only)

"IXL Math is more than just numbers. With unlimited questions, engaging item types, and real-world scenarios, IXL helps learners experience math at its most mesmerizing!"

All 6-8 Grade students as well as 5th grade students that complete Splash Math
  • Specific content assigned in correlation to core instruction
  • Used during power half hour, students completing recommended lessons
  • Assigned as homework


now that my child has a hotspot, what can we do with it?

Parents can support learning at home within the resources mentioned above. Students can explore independently or follow a prescribed pathway provided by their teacher.