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About Our Nurses

Each of our buildings' nurses can be reached from the hours of 8:30 AM until 3:10 PM.
For Unity Jr. High, the nursing office hours are 7:40 AM until 2:15 PM.
Please contact your child's school nurse to discuss any severe allergies, medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes or any other health concerns that may impact your child during the school day.

Our Nurses

District Lead Nurse: Cindy Rohlfing
Phone number: 708-863-4856


Lara Petrone
708-652-9577, ext. 65005

Cicero East

Fernanda Dominguez
708-652-9440, ext. 63005

Cicero West

Margie Ortiz
780-4487, ext. 62005

Columbus East

Patti Chatta
708-652-6085, ext. 61005

Columbus West

Jeff Niebres
708-780-4482, ext. 59005


Mary McFall
708-652-5532, ext. 59005


Marisol Napolitano
708-652-5500, ext. 64005


Yolanda Meraz
708-780-4475, ext. 58005


Julie Gasperic & Mary Pat Brewer

708-652-8889, ext. 57005


Deborah Walters
708-652-8890, ext. 56005


Mariaelena Delgado
708-652-7833, ext. 55005


Closed at this time.

Unity East

Elodie Cassidy & Gladys Lopez
708-863-8229, ext. 75005

Unity West

Samantha Bien & Gladys Lopez
708-863-8268, ext.71005

Warren Park

Amy Osland
708-780-2299, ext. 66005


Kathy Lang
708-652-2552, ext. 52005


Deborah Walters
708-652-8884, ext. 52005

Early Childhood


EC Center: Amy Landa, ext. 80005

EC Diagnostics: Margarita Torres, ext. 80023

School Nurse Services

Health Restrictions

Students returning to school with health related restrictions must provide proper documentation from a licensed health professional. Additional information may be required by the school nurse prior to the student's return to school. Please contact your school nurse to discuss additional forms needed.

Modified P.E.

Important Reminders

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