Standards Based Practices

Essential Learning By Grade Level And Subject

It shows what students KNOW

Standards Based Practices (SBP) breaks down each subject into specific learning targets and identifies if a student has mastered the standard or still needs work.

No More Letter Grades

4 3 2 1

Meets Standard with Enriched Understanding

Meets Standard Approaching Standard Below Standard (Not Yet)


Why Does This Matter?

It helps STUDENTS understand their strengths and weaknesses more in depth.

It helps PARENTS understand exactly what their child succeeds at and what they could use more support with outside of school. 

It helps CURRENT TEACHERS assess and/or adapt their teaching strategies to meet each students needs. 

It helps FUTURE TEACHERS get a better understanding of what levels EACH of their students will be at before the upcoming school year begins. 

Sample Report Card


Where Can I Find Grades In Powerschool?


Homework Does Not Count Toward Student's Academic Grade

Standards Based Practices separates homework from the overall assessment of a subject or standard and will be placed in it's own category on the report card

Homework will be given to students as a form of


Example: In sports, teams practice before they play games so that they can be better prepared for success. 



Will be given based on what each student needs to IMPROVE on so that they can master the standards and skills.

Will NOT be worth any POINTS or given a GRADE to reduce pressure or fear of not understanding.

MAY NOT BE THE SAME as someone else because it will target each child's need for improvement. All children learn differently!


Be Respectful Be Responsbile Be Safe

Respectful to others

-Respects personal space of others

-Respects belongings and property of self, others and the school

-Demonstrates age-appropriate manners

Completes class work

-Focuses on teacher's directions and personal assignments

-Completes tasks in a timely manner

-Completes class work to the best of his or her ability

Follows all rules

-Follows classroom procedures and routines

-Meets the expectations of each activity

-Follows school-wide expectations throughout the building

Communicates appropriately

-Listens when someone else is speaking and waits his or her turn to contribute to the conversation

-Uses an appropriate tone and language when addressing peers and staff

-Does not verbally or physically interrupt instruction

Completes homework

-Returns homework

-Completes homework to the best of his or her ability

-Returns signed papers

Uses materials appropriately

-Returns charged Chromebook daily

-Uses Chromebook to do assigned activities

-Uses classroom supplies for the intended purpose

Works collaboratively

-Contributes to group activities, including performing assigned role

-Contributes to group work equitably (not too much or too little)

-Listens and responds respectfully to his or her peers' ideas

Actively participates

-Follows teacher's instructions

-Contributes high quality, relevant comments to discussions

-Physically attends to tasks (eyes on speaker and sitting appropriately in assigned area

Exhibits self-control

-Demonstrates restraint (thinks before acting)

-Uses coping skills (is aware of personal feelings and finds a solution to calm down and solve the problem)

-Does not resort to verbal or physical agression

How Will Honor Roll Be Determined?

Meeting standards in a course is a big accomplishment.

Students meeting standards with a 3 on all quarterly standards in all of their classes (ELA, Math, SS, Science, Special, and PE) will be on the Academic High Honor Roll.

Students meetings standards with a 3 on all quarterly standards in 4 of their classes (ELA, Math, SS, Science, Special, and PE) and no ones on any standard, will be on the Academic Honor Roll.

There is a clear correlation between Behaviors That Support Learning and academic achievement and learning, success in these areas set students up for future success in learning and work. Students meeting all standards with a 3 in all classes in the Behaviors That Support Learning areas will be on the PBS Honor Roll. 


Ser respetuoso Ser responsable Mantenerse seguros

Es respetuoso con los demás

-Respeta el espacio personal de los demás

-Respeta sus pertenencias, las de los demás y las de la escuela

-Demuestra modales propios de su edad

Termina su trabajo en clase

-Se concentra en las indicaciones del maestro y en sus trabajos individuales

-Termina sus trabajos puntualmente

-Termina sus trabajos en clase esforzándose al máximo de su capacidad

Cumple con las reglas

-Sigue los procedimientos y rutinas del salón de clase

-Cumple con las expectativas de cada actividad

-Cumple con las expectativas generales de la escuela en todo el edificio

Se comunica de manera apropiada

-Escucha cuando otra persona está hablando y espera su turno para aportar algo a la conversación

-Utiliza tono de voz y lenguaje adecuados al dirigirse a sus compañeros o al personal

-No interrumpe la instrucción ni física ni verbalmente

Cumple con tareas

-Entrega la tarea

-Hace su tarea esforzándose al máximo de su capacidad

-Entrega tareas, formas, o documentos firmados

Usa los materiales adecuadamente

-Regresa todos los días su Chromebook con carga

-Usa el Chromebook para hacer las actividades asignadas

-Utiliza los materiales del salón para lo que han sido destinados

Trabaja en colaboración

-Contribuye a las actividades del grupo, incluyendo el desempeñar el papel que se le asigna

-Contribuye al trabajo del grupo de manera equitativa (ni mucho, ni poco)

-Escucha y responde las ideas de sus compañeros de manera respetuosa

Participa activamente

-Sigue las indicaciones del maestro

-Aporta comentarios pertinentes y de alta calidad durante conversaciones o debates

-Pone atención de manera física (ve a la persona que habla y se sienta de manera apropiada en el área designada

Demuestra auto-control

-Se contiene (piensa antes de actuar)

-Utiliza habilidades de afrontamiento (está consciente de sus sentimientos y encuentra la manera de calmarse y resolver el problema

-No recurre al uso de agresividad verbal ni física

Does It Work?

While there is no official list, schools in every state are using Standards Based Grading, some neighboring districts include:

J. Sterling Morton High School District 201

Berwyn South School District 100

Oak Park School District 97

Brookfield-LaGrange Park School District 95

Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills District 181

Glen Ellyn Elementary District 41

Downers Grove Grade School District 58

In 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was passed to protect disadvantaged and high-need students ensuring that vital information is provided through statewide assessments that measure students' progress toward high standards, help support and grow local innovations, increases access to high quality pre-school, and effects positive change in our lowest-performing schools.